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Britain-Vietnam Professional and Educational Links

Conference 2009 LogoOur society had a great honour and pleasure to host a conference with the special participation from the British Ambassador to Vietnam, Mark Kent and the Vietnamese Ambassador to Great Britain, Tran Quang Hoan. The event focused on the academic relations between the two countries.
The aim of the conference was twofold:
Firstly, we wished to demonstrate the already existing educational and professional academic links. Therefore we invited Vietnamese students from other British universities and notable professors and researches, from Oxford University and other institutions, as well as the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit based in Ho Chi Minh City. Present were also Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Nga, deputy head of the Press Office of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and journalists from both Vietnam and the UK. Altogether, the conference was attended by nearly 70 people.
The event also saw the launch of the Vietnam Academic Network UK – a project gathering the UK-based researches of Vietnam. Its members briefly presented their research areas (some of the accompanying presentation slides can be accessed here), after which the audience had a chance to engage with the academics through a panel discussion
Secondly, we wanted to contribute to further strengthening of these academic links by providing – especially students – with an opportunity to address their questions to both Ambassadors and to Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Nga. This gave rise to interesting discussions which encouraged many students to suggest their ideas and initiatives, which, we hope, will be followed up in future.
The programme was concluded by informal drinks with refreshments, to give everyone a chance to meet each other.
VOX was very pleased to receive all the positive feedback on the event, which was the result of a month of intense preparations.
2pm Friday
20 Mar 2009
Saïd Business School

Victims of Agent Orange


Len Aldis & Tran Le Thuy

Agent Orange is a toxic defoliant that was used during the War in Vietnam and today, thousands of people still suffer in Vietnam from illnesses and diseases due to its poisonous effects which travel down next generations. We have invited a speaker from the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society - Len Aldis to address students of Oxford about this issue.
The format of the meeting will be as follows
  • screening of a short film "Path to Justice"
  • talks by Len Aldis and Tran Le Thuy
  • presentation of photographs
  • FAQ

About the speakers

Len AldisLen Aldis first became aware of the Indochina conflict during his National Service in 1949-50 and during the U.S. War era on Vietnam, he actively took part in marches, meetings and demonstrations calling for an end to the war. He has worked as a secretary for an association relating to Vietnam and later on has founded the Britain-Vietnam friendship society in 1992. Soon after, its first projects came into being.

Tran Le Thuy

About Tran Le Thuy

Ms Tran is one of the most prominent young journalists in Vietnam. Formally trained in journalism, she’s worked for and published in Vietnam’s biggest newspapers, the Far Eastern Economic Review, Inter Press Service Europa, Panos London and Choices, the magazine of United Nations. Complementing these experiences, she is one of the highest international decorated Vietnamese journalists.
quoted from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism