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Professor Gerry Bodeker

Gerry Bodeker PortraitProfessor Gerry Bodeker researches & advises UN agencies, governments and NGO's on international health policy pertaining to traditional & complementary medicine. He also studies the potential of traditional medicine for helping rural communities, women, and refugees in managing communicable diseases (esp. malaria & HIV) and common ailments (esp. skin conditions).
Based in the Oxford University’s Division of Medical Sciences, in primary care, he is also chairman of the Global Initiative For Traditional Systems (GIFTS) of Health, an international policy and research collaborative on traditional medicine and healthcare, is former Chair of the Commonwealth Working Group on Traditional & Complementary Medicine, and is Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York. He is also a Faculty Member of Oxford Project Southeast Asia.
Prof. Bodeker has written extensively on traditional and complementary medicine from a public health perspective and is editor of the WHO Global Atlas on Traditional & Complementary Medicine, a 2005 publication of The World Health Organization.
He has had an ongoing collaboration with Vietnamese medical scientists and has arranged for Vietnamese scientists to come to Oxford for periods of study and research into the therapeutic effects of traditional Vietnamese medical plants.
Prof. Gerry Bodeker has been the Senior Member for VOX since the society's inception in 2002.

Professor Ngo Bao Chau becomes our Honorary Member

Oxford, 7 March 2009

During his visit in the UK, despite a very busy schedule, Professor Ngo Bao Chau – one of the world’s finest minds – spent an afternoon with VOX. We walked around the city – on that day basking in the sun and more picturesque than ever - and visited its beautiful colleges. After the walk, we returned to Balliol College to enjoy a little chat over afternoon tea.
We were very pleased to present certificates of Honorary Membership of our society to Professor Chau as well as his mother, Professor Tran Van Hien, who was among the first Vietnamese researchers to come to Oxford University.
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