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Past Events

Hilary Term 2013

Sports Day - Squash

Squash in Magdalen. Please meet at 5pm at Magdalen porter's lodge!

VOX Hall Surfing at Mansfield College

VOX Hall Surfing will work similarly to the HallSurfing on We will attend a formal hall in the College of one of our members who volunteers to host us.

Trip to London

We are going to London to buy food for the Tet event in 4th week. Somebody knowledgable, please come with us? :-D


We plan to cook a few core dishes on the day, so if you want to help, please sign up on this Doodle. If you are coming to celebrate Tet with us, but plan to cook something on your own, please feel free, you are very encouraged to do so!

VOX Open Day for Vietnamese Students

Please register and find the programme of the event at so that we have a good estimate of how many people will come :)
Please also indicate if you are arriving in Oxford by bus or train and time of arrival. Some of our lovely volunteers will greet and pick you up!
And also, please spread the word by sharing this in any relevant Vietnamese societies that you are part of or know of or come up in your Google search ;)

VOX Hall Surfing

VOX Hall Surfing will work similarly to the HallSurfing on We will attend a formal hall in the College of one of our members who volunteers to host us.
This Hall Surfing event will take place in 6th week. Date and place are to be announced.

VOX Charity Event and Movie Screening

VOX Charity Event and Movie Screening

AGM and Elections

AGM and Elections

End of Term Dinner

End of Term Dinner

Michaelmas Term 2012

End of Term Dinner and Christmas Party

Come along for the traditional VOX End of Term Dinner and Christmas Party. This is will be our last event this term. See you next term!

Hall Surfing #3 in Exeter College

VOX Hall Surfing will work similarly to the HallSurfing on We will attend a formal hall in the College of one of our members who volunteers to host us.
This Hall Surfing event will take place in 7th week. Date and place are to be announced.

Asian Food Festival

The Asian and Pacific Society changed the date of the event to 16NOV12. The place is yet to be confirmed. We will go shopping for ingredients on the 10NOV12 and the cooking will be on 14 and 15OCT12. If you are free to help, please contact Tuan Anh Le at

This is the largest Asian event at Oxford for Asian food and arts. There will be variety of foods and drinks from various Asian countries. There will also be performances so come along!

Please select 'Attending' on the Facebook events page if you are available for help.

Hall Surfing #2 in Queen's College

VOX Hall Surfing will work similarly to the HallSurfing on We will attend a formal hall in the College of one of our members who volunteers to host us.
This Hall Surfing event will take place in 5th week. Date and place are to be announced.

Day trip to Blenheim Palace

Due to the changes in the AFF event, this event will be moved to Saturday, Week 4 (03NOV12). The group ticket to the palace (at least 15 people) is 13.20 GBP but the visit must be arranged in advance, the bus ticket is cca 3 GBP. Please RSVP by selecting attending on Facebook or by sending an email to Tuan Anh Le on so that the places can booked.

Day trip! We can go there by bus (20 min) or by bike (30 min) depending on people's preferences. Either way, the meeting point will be 09:00 at Gloucester Green Bus Station

The description of the Bleinheim Palace from their website says:

Blenheim Palace is the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and a World Heritage Site.

Blenheim Palace was a gift from Queen Anne and a grateful nation to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough following his famous victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. Visit the gilded State Rooms, which house one of the finest collections in Europe, and the fascinating visitor experience, Blenheim Palace: The Untold Story. The Churchill Exhibition includes the room where Sir Winston Churchill was born 1874.

Situated in Woodstock, just 8 miles from Oxford, Blenheim Palace is surrounded by over 2,000 acres of 'Capability' Brown landscaped parkland, the great lake, and beautiful formal gardens, offering an unforgettable day out for all.

Hall Surfing #1 in Magdalen College

VOX Hall Surfing will work similarly to the HallSurfing on We will attend a formal hall in the College of one of our members who volunteers to host us.
Catch up with friends and an opportunity to visit one of the largest colleges in Oxford! The places run out quickly, so please confirm your places ASAP but no later than Friday 19OCT12 by setting 'Attending' on the Facebook events page.
Note that once confirmed, your place will be booked and paid for. Price for this formal is 7.89 GBP. Meet at 18:50 in Magdalen Porter's Lodge!

Welcome dinner

Come along to have a nice meal, meet new people and play some games afterwards.

Trinity Term 2012

BBQ Party and End-of-term dinner

This will be the final event of the term. We will come to Phuc's place for some BBQ and dinner afterwards. Thanks Phuc for offering your garden. We might get a game of frisbee or quidditch on that day in Uni Parks which is quite near if anybody fancies it.


We set off from Magdalen Bridge Boat House and bring lunch and organise a game on the boat (punting lessons are available). There is a pub down the river that has a small lawn, we can punt there and do a picnic. Please contact Tuan Anh directly at if you are interested, so that sufficient number of boats can be booked in advance. The exact time will be confirmed later.

Hilary Term 2012

Presentation Evening

Disrupted for quite some times, we are continuing the Presentation Evening where short talks is given on Vietnamese culture-related subjects. Raffle tickets, quizzes and Vietnamese cuisine are also on our agenda. All profit from selling tickets will go towards charity.

Oxford Open Day 2012 for Vietnamese Students

Yes, we are back this year! The Oxford Open Day for Vietnamese Students is probably one of the most significant events that VOX organises in recent years. On this day, we hope to deliver to the participants what Oxford is really like - to lift the mysterious curtains and encourage more and more Vietnamese applicants.
But bear in mind that you don't need to be a prospective applicant to come! Even if you want to go down to Oxford for a day trip or you might be seeking to extend your network and want to know a bit about Oxford and VOX, you are very welcome!

Tet Party

Every year, VOX members do their best to transport the Tet atmosphere thousands of miles across the globe and celebrate it with friends and families here. We have banh chung, nem, xoi… and all that you can name to make up a perfect Lunar New Year which can resolve all homesickness!

Michaelmas Term 2011

End-of-Term Bash - Xmas Dinner

Starting a new tradition of Secret Santa this year, we are planning on having a nice and cosy Christmas Dinner before the break up where everyone involved will each receive a mysterious present. Information will be sent out in 6th week and do reply then if you want to join us for a White Oxmas.

Asian Food Festival

This year we made a hit with our 200 spring rolls all sold out in 45 minutes. Our green bean dessert also received many positive remarks.

Welcome dinner

Our first event of the Year - a chance to catch up with old friends and get to know new faces.

Asian Food Festival 2008

Together with other Asian societies at Oxford, VOX co-hosted the Asian Food Festival. The event as a whole was a great success, as was our stall, which served Vietnamese desserts – green bean pate (chè đậu xanh) and black bean soup (chè đậu đen) – not least thanks to our beautifully dressed sellers.
The Food Fetsival was a great opportunity for our Society to present a part of our delicious cuisine, albeit tiny, but most of all, it offered us a chance to do something together and we must say: we all had a wonderful time.
Photos by: Uy Hoang, Tran Tu Hang
November 22, 2008
Corpus Christi, Dining Hall

Food Fiesta

In 2006, VOX joined Asian Pacific Society to organise a food fiesta in order to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world. We were the only society to serve 5 course meal including:
Starter Main course Dessert
Gỏi gà (chicken salad) Bò kho (beef stew) & cháo gà (chicken rice poridge) Chè chuối (banana congee) & chè đậu xanh (green bean congee)
The event was a success. All the food were very much appreciated by many guests. We made a modest profit from this thanks to the Vietnamese cooks and participants. After the show, there was a drinking party, and rumor said that there were various discussions about many topics, some hot, some cold... One thing for sure is that the whole event was a good occasion to gather Vietnamese students together and strengthened the VOX spirit.

Vietnamese Culture Nights

The Vietnamese Cultural Night has been the annual event of VOX to demonstrate Vietnamese cultures to international friends in the University, at the same time, to raise fund for charity in Vietnam.
The Cultural Night has developed since 1999, and the content of the Vietnamese Nights are continuously diversified year after year. However, the two unmissable ingredients of the night is .food and performance.
Michaelmas 2000 and Hilary 2001: VCN includes the dance with conical hat on Hue Music, a pantomime, a short play on Son Tinh- Thuy Tinh, folk songs, and a range of Vietnamese food (banana cake, fried rice...). We also had film show on Vietnamese áo dài, and documentaries of flood victims in Vietnam.
VCN Hilary 2002: The performance started with flute performance from Giang (London), followed by folk songs from North- Central- and South regions of Vietnam, conical hat dance on "Viet Nam Que Huong Toi", the film show on pagodas in Vietnam, self-composed music from Linh, and... of course, exotic Vietnamese cuisine.
VCN Hilary 2003: The performance of folk songs, Vietnamese dance, fashion show, quiz, "Ngheu So Oc Hen" and exciting bamboo dance with all the audience, and another tasty range of Vietnamese food.
VCN Hilary 2004: With the support of lightings and sound system, the VCN has a different flavour with the impressive introductory video clip about Vietnam, fan dance on "Ca dao hong", "Trong Com", folk songs, the award-winning fashion collection, quiz on "Thuong Nho Dong Que", pantomime of "Trang Quynh",... and more Vietnamese home-made food.
All in all, the Vietnamese Cultural Night is the effort of the team, working on a good cause for the community. Apart from the money that we could raise for charity, the fun we had, the sleepless night we spent together made it the memorable part of Oxford life for most of us.