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VOX Constitution

(as of 21 October 2006)

1. Title

Article 1:

The name of the society shall be the Vietnamese Society in Oxford, shortly as VOX.

Article 2:

The Society can be referred to in Vietnamese as “Hội sinh viên Việt Nam - Đại học Oxford”.

2. Interpretation

Article 1

Unless the context in this constitution clearly indicates otherwise:
  • Society shall mean the Vietnamese Society in Oxford, shortly as VOX.
  • General Meeting shall mean a meeting convened by the Executive Committee.
  • Members shall include any Senior, Ordinary, or Associate Member of the Society.
  • University shall include all colleges and institutions affiliated to the Oxford University.
  • Vietnamese Students shall mean any student of Vietnamese origin, regardless of his/her nationality, who are pursuing education, training, higher research and/or other activities in the University as well as in the whole UK.

Article 2:

For the avoidance of doubts, unless the context in this constitution clearly indicates otherwise, any reference to time shall be determined by the Gregorian Calendar.

3. Objectives

4. Membership

Article 1:

Membership of the Society shall be divided into the following categories:
  • Senior Member: any member of the Congregation of the University shall on acceptance of invitation by the Committee become a Senior Member.
  • Ordinary Member: any member of the University who has paid a membership fee.
  • Associate Member: any person who is a member of the family of any Senior Member or Ordinary Member, or is residing within Oxfordshire and surrounding region who has paid a membership fee. All Senior, Ordinary Members upon leaving Oxford will also be recognised as Associate Members of the Society for their life. The Executive Committee may reject any application for associate membership or reject any Ordinary Member from becoming an Associate Member if doing otherwise results in more than 20% of the membership being from outside the University.
  • Honorary Member: any past or present member of the Society shall on acceptance of invitation by the Executive Committee become an Honorary Member, and the term of such membership shall last until an Annual General Meeting decides to the contrary.

Article 2:

  • The Committee shall decide the amount of membership fee and shall have the power to decide and collect any further fees or charges to be paid by any person to defray the expenses for any function that such person did or will take part.
  • Membership shall be suspended by the authority of the Committee if any Member is considered by the Committee to be unfit to be a Member of the Society.
  • Any suspension of membership shall cease to be effective upon the conclusion of the General Meeting convened immediately after the exercise of the power of suspension.
  • Any member, whether suspended or not, may by giving a writing notice to the Committee resign his membership. His membership then ceases immediately upon the receipt of such a notice by the Executive Committee.

5. Meetings

Article 1:

Types and Timing of Meeting
  • A General Meeting among the Members shall be convened at least once a year, unless the Committee decides otherwise.
  • An Annual General Meeting shall be convened at the end of the 2 nd Week of the Michaelmas term, unless the Committee decides to adjourn to a later date. However, the Annual General Meeting must be convened by the end of the Trinity term of the same academic year by the latest.
  • An Emergency Meeting shall be convened within a week upon receipt of the Executive Committee of a notice, either in writing or by email, by at least ½ of the Members.

Article 2:

Meeting Procedures
  • Notice of a General Meeting shall be sent to every member by any member of the Committee either by email or post at least 2 weeks before such a meeting with the exception of the Emergency Meeting, the notice of which can be served at least 1 week in advance.
  • Any General Meeting shall be chaired by the President of the Society or by the Vice President in the absence of the President.
  • Any Member can put forth a motion for a General Meeting, provided that the Executive Committee is informed of such a motion at least 2 days before such a meeting.
  • Candidates putting themselves forward for election shall inform the sitting Executive Committee of their intentions no later than 1 day before such a General Meeting.

6. Executive Committee

7. Voting

8. Amendment of the Constitution

9. Dissolution