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The Vietnamese Society in Oxford (VOX) [Hội sinh viên Việt Nam tại Oxford], the official society of any student of Vietnamese origin, regardless of his/her nationality, who is pursuing education, training, higher research and/or other activities at the University of Oxford, U.K.
The community of Vietnamese students in Oxford first joined together in 1999 in an attempt to raise funds to support flood victims in Hue and Da Nang, Viet Nam, in that year. This good cause has drawn people together, who then found out that they shared not only the same Vietnamese origin but also the good will to work on helpful projects while as students. Many charity events have been developed from the charity dinners into Vietnamese Cultural Nights, and attracted a great deal of support from the charity funds from many colleges within the University. In October 2002, with the number of Vietnamese students went up to above 10 members, the Vietnamese applied to the University for a formally registered society. Currently VOX has 15 members coming from many different countries.
The main objectives of the Vietnamese Society in Oxford are to foster friendship, to promote Vietnamese cultures, and to enrich the social life of its fellow students and their academic/research related activities. After several years of existence, VOX is now expanding its horizon to involve more interactions with Vietnamese and international friends across the UK and all over the world.

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